What is the meaning of Giga

26 May 2022
Giga means “billion.” It is used as a unit prefix in the construction of compound words that denote a billion or 10 9 of something, for example - gigahertz. However in computer science, a gigabyte is equivalent to 230 or (1,073,741,824) bytes of data.

How many is a Giga

A Giga is 1 billion of something (109 or 1000000000).

How many Mega are in a Giga

A Giga of something is equivalent to 1000 mega. For example 1000 megahertz is equal to 1 gigahertz.

Useage of the prefix Giga

The power station is capable of generating 10 gigavolts of electrical power.
The Tesla GigaFactory in Austin Texas is one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the Lone Star State.
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